Partial Topical Index to Bridge Bulletin
Instructional materials; Single article or short series; usually a theme by an expert
themeauthorissue or issues
10-12 notrump - parts 2 and 3milesJan-91Feb-91
1m 1M 4m to mean what?milesMar-91
1M X ??rosenkranzApr-91May-91
1N X(penalty) P ??smithJul-94
1S 1N 2D 2HsmithJan-94
1S P 1N P; ???smithMar-95
1S P 2H bidding problemsfrenchSep-97
2/1 not forcing to gamemilesJan-88
2Z(weak) 2N P ??; systems ON versus Wolff vs anotherbellApr-95
3N versus 4 of majorrosenkranzDec-91
3NT response to majorsbellJul-96
4th suit not so forcingfrenchApr-96
5NT not to playmilesNov-93
alerts and ethicsbrissmanJul-87
all 52 cardsmilesDec-92
analysis of correct play at trick 1 - ruffing or discarding a loserparanjapeDec-99
analysis of finessing or playing for the drop at IMPsparanjapeNov-99
appeals: a new viewgerardJun-01
article re coping with agingrosenkranzJun-97
balancing - another view - parts 1 and 2; with eisenbergerzellmerJun-97Jul-97
balancing - another view - parts 1 and 2; with zellmereisenbergerJun-97Jul-97
basic playblackwoodJan-86Jun-86
basic technique - bidding 4-card majorsmilesMar-89
basic technique - bidding over preempts - parts 1-2milesMay-88Jun-88
basic technique - drawing inferences - parts 1-3milesSep-87Oct-87Nov-87
basic technique - endplaysmilesFeb-87
basic technique - leads from AKmilesJul-89
basic technique - signallingmilesAug-89
basic technique - taking advantage of mistakesmilesMar-88
basic technique - trump coups and endplaysmilesMay-89
beat the expertsmilesJul-91
bidding against preempts - parts 1 and 2lawrenceJul-92Aug-92
bidding inferencesmilesSep-91
bidding over preempts - cuebidslawrenceApr-91
bidding over preempts - jump overcallslawrenceMar-91
bidding over preempts - notrump optionlawrenceJan-91
bidding over preempts - partner bidslawrenceMay-91Jun-91
bidding over preempts - takeout how high?lawrenceFeb-91
bidding quizhelgemoAug-96Apr-97May-97Jun-97
bidding strategymilesJun-87
bidding to playstewartJan-98thruSep-98
bidding to playstewartAug-02thruDec-02
bidding to play - back to dummy play and bidding issuesstewartOct-99Nov-99
bidding to play - bidding and play issues for real dealsstewartDec-99
bidding to play - problemsstewartSep-95Nov-95Dec-95
bidding tools - new minor forcing versus checkback staymanfrenchJan-99
blackwood - two-suitbykeApr-99May-99
bols tip - bridge is only a game - have fun ...lundbyDec-93
bols tip - don't ruin partner's gemchagasJul-91
bols tip - eight never - nine evercohenDec-93
bols tip - keep your guesses to yourselfgranovetterDec-92
bols tip - save the deucejacobyDec-91
bols tip - second hand problemscrowhurstJun-93
bols tip - the trappist rulekitty betheJan-91
bols tip - when in romehammanDec-92
business X of overcallsfrenchAug-96
card readingmilesMay-91
careless contractsmilesNov-92
competing safelymilesMay-94
competitive biddingmilesAug-92
competitive bidding - 02 - good-bad 2NTmilesOct-89
competitive bidding - 43 - 2-level overcallsbergenOct-95
competitive bidding - 44bergenNov-95
competitive bidding - balancingbergenJun-96
competitive bidding - low-level doublesmilesSep-89
competitive bidding - P 1H P P 2D ?bergenMay-96
competitive bidding - preempts - 45-47bergenDec-95Jan-96Feb-96
competitive bidding - some hands get betterbergenMar-96
competitive bidding - X for takeout when in doubtbergenJul-96
competitive bidding 4S over 4H - 2 part seriesbergenOct-96Nov-96
concealment on defensemilesFeb-93
constructive raises - what's wrong with themcolchamiroJun-01
convention charts explained - parts 1-4blaissMay-95Jun-95Jul-95Aug-95
conventions - 1M P 2N (Jacoby) 3Z ??? - parts 10 and 11lawrenceNov-02Dec-02
conventions - after aggressive weak-2's; part 3bergenJan-89
conventions - after opener raises responder's majorbergenMar-89
conventions - double of jacoby transfer - parts 7 and 8lawrenceAug-02Sep-02
conventions - double of texas transfer - part 9lawrenceOct-02
conventions - drury - parts 1-4lawrenceFeb-02thruMay-02
conventions - major suit search after weak 2DbergenNov-88
conventions - modified ogustbergenOct-88
conventions - raising with 3-card supportbergenFeb-89
conventions - rebiddable suitsbergenDec-88
conventions - semi-forcing 1N by passed hand - parts 5-6lawrenceJun-02Jul-02
conventions - support X's and XX'sbergenApr-89May-89
conventions - was that a penalty X?walkerDec-97
conventions - XX of 1NbergenMar-88
counting series - parts 1-3lawrenceNov-96Dec-96Jan-97
cutting communications - parts 1 and 2milesMar-93May-93
deception - parts 1 - 3milesJun-93Jul-93Sep-93
deductions from opening leaddormerJun-96
default agreements - cuebids - parts 1-4walkerNov-95Jan-96Mar-96Apr-96
default agreements - penalty? doubles - parts 1-2walkerAug-96Sep-96
defense to 2-suited overcalls - parts 1 and 2walkerNov-93Feb-94
defense to FlannerylangeDec-91
defense to hamilton-cappelletti 2C over 1NTmilesJan-94
defense to weak NTsmithJun-93
defense to weak NT - parts 1 and 2rosenkranzAug-91Sep-91
defensive cardinglawrenceJan-95
desperate crazy preempts - a story; not advicebergenFeb-96
dummy playrosenkranzFeb-91
dummy play after 2-suited overcallmarkusJul-91
escaping 1N doubled for penaltyblubaughAug-92
ethics - 10-12 notrumpmeckstrothAug-95Nov-95
ethics - tempomartelSep-95
ethics - tempomeckstrothOct-95
ethics - tempo in defensive cardinghampsonJan-96
fair play - active ethicswolffApr-87
fit-showing jump shiftwalkerOct-93
flannery 2DmilesDec-93
forcing or not forcing?kantarFeb-88
game triesblubaughApr-93
good trumps for slamsmilesJan-93
hand evaluationmilesJan-92
how many tricks to play for?milesSep-92
how many trumps?lawrenceMar-94
how to ask about agreementsmartelJun-96
impossible spade bidblubaughOct-93
improving concentrationrosenkranzNov-89
inverted majorsdu BreuilAug-96
inverted minor raises - 1 and 2blubaughMay-92Jun-92
it's your bidlawrenceApr-95Jul-96
it's your play - bidding quizlawrenceNov-98Dec-98
jacoby and texas transfersblubaughJan-94
jump response in new suit by passed handfrenchMay-94
law of total tricks - 1 and 2blubaughOct-91Nov-91
leading questionpolowanMay-97
lebensohl over weak 2'sblubaughNov-92
lebensohl; coping with interference after 1NTletiziaNov-97
lesson hand; lesson for the teacherbeckerMar-87
losing finessesmilesNov-91
losing trick countblubaughFeb-92
maximal overcall XblubaughMay-93
mikes advice - 1NT X ??lawrenceMay-99
mikes advice - 4N - blackwood or natural?lawrenceJun-99
mikes advice - assortmentlawrenceSep-99
mikes advice - drurylawrenceAug-99
mikes advice - game try doublelawrenceOct-99
mikes advice - hide anxietylawrenceJul-99
mikes advice - how many trumps needed for limit raise?lawrenceMar-99
mikes advice - michaels cue-bidslawrenceNov-99
mikes advice - opening 1NT with a 5-card majorlawrenceApr-99
mikes advice - possible rebids after 1S P 2D P ?lawrenceJan-99
mikes advice - raising with 3 trumps after 1M over 1ZlawrenceFeb-99
minor suit transfersblubaughDec-91
morton's fork coupmilesOct-93
moysian fits - parts 1 and 2blubaughDec-92Jan-93
MP strategy - are you competing? parts 1-5shusterJul-02thruNov-02
negative doubles - 1H 2S ??bergenMar-91Jun-91
negative doubles - 1m 2Z ?bergenJan-91
negative doubles - 1m 2Z X 3Z ?bergenFeb-91
negative doubles - after 1C 1D - part 3bergenAug-89
negative doubles - at the 3-level - 5 partsbergenJul-91Aug-91Sep-91Oct-91Nov-91
negative doubles - at the 4-levelbergenJan-92
negative doubles - of one of a majorbergenOct-89
negative doubles - questions and answersbergenNov-89Dec-89Apr-91Dec-91
negative doubles - responder has both majors after 1C 1DbergenJul-89
negative free bids - part 2walkerJul-94
negative over negative doublesblubaughSep-96
new ideas in bridgemilesMay-87
new minor forcingblubaughApr-92
new minor forcing - parts 1-3yohnMar-98Apr-98May-98
notrump system; based on size and patternnapoletanoFeb-97
notrump zone - 20 point NTkleinmanMar-01
notrump zone - 4.5 honor trickkleinmanFeb-01
notrump zone - bashful transfer or slam try?kleinmanApr-02
notrump zone - bidding quiz - 1 and 2kleinmanMar-00Apr-00
notrump zone - bridge for dummies - parts 1 and 2kleinmanDec-00Jan-01
notrump zone - choosing your notrump engine - parts 1 and 2kleinmanOct-00Nov-00
notrump zone - close NT decisions - parts 1 and 2kleinmanNov-99Dec-99
notrump zone - frequencies - part 1kleinmanAug-02
notrump zone - going against the fieldkleinmanOct-01
notrump zone - inviting game - parts 1 and 2kleinmanJun-01Jul-01
notrump zone - losing StaymankleinmanApr-01
notrump zone - minor suit slam or 3NT?kleinmanMay-02
notrump zone - minor-suit staymankleinmanAug-01
notrump zone - multi minorskleinmanSep-01
notrump zone - notrump ranges - parts 1-3kleinmanAug-99Sep-99Oct-99
notrump zone - Other Major RelayskleinmanMar-02
notrump zone - patterns for 1NT - parts 1 and 2kleinmanJan-00Feb-00
notrump zone - RKC GerberkleinmanJun-02
notrump zone - self-rescuekleinmanJul-02
notrump zone - sequenceskleinmanMar-02
notrump zone - simple transfer systemskleinmanSep-00
notrump zone - staying with the fieldkleinmanNov-01
notrump zone - stayman sequenceskleinmanJul-00
notrump zone - stayman with 4333?kleinmanAug-00
notrump zone - strong; weak or kamikaze notrumps? - parts 1-5kleinmanMar-99Apr-99May-99Jun-99Jul-99
notrump zone - texaskleinmanDec-01
notrump zone - three's companykleinmanMay-01
notrump zone - to transfer or not transfer with 5-card major?kleinmanJan-02
notrump zone - when 2nd hand doubles 1NTkleinmanFeb-02
notrump zone - why play transfers? - parts 1 and 2kleinmanMay-00Jun-00
odds and ends - 8 handsmilesFeb-92
odds and ends - intra-finesserosenkranzAug-93
odds and ends - opening leadsrosenkranzJul-91Jul-93
odds and ends - playing with spouserosenkranzMay-92
odds and ends - restricted choicerosenkranzFeb-92
odds and ends - romexrosenkranzNov-91Jan-92
odds and ends - spot cardsrosenkranzDec-92
on development - conceding a trick after the squeeze - parts 1-4bourkeJul-01Aug-01Sep-01Dec-01
opening NT with a singletonblaissNov-99
opponents balance after we do not find fitlawrenceMar-95
overcalls - 2-levellawrenceJan-89Feb-89
overcalls - preemptive jump raiseslawrenceDec-89
overcalls - raising partner when you have a good handlawrenceOct-89
overcalls - responding to overcalls - preemptive raises and splinterslawrenceNov-89
overcalls - responding to partner's overcallslawrenceAug-89
overcalls - RHO responds to an opening bidlawrenceMar-89Apr-89May-89
overcalls - supporting partner's overcallslawrenceSep-89
overcalls - when responder makes a strong bidlawrenceJul-89
overcalls with 4 cardslawrenceDec-88
partnership defense - parts 1-3lawrenceDec-92Jan-93Feb-93
partnership understandings - parts 1-3lawrenceMay-94Jun-94Jul-94
penalty doublesewenJan-86
penalty doublesmilesOct-92Jul-94
penalty doubles - parts 4 and 5stewartJan-91Feb-91
play of A7 opposite K108643markusFeb-91
play too fast series - parts _1-5lawrenceApr-97May-97Jul-97Sep-97Nov-97
play too fast series - parts _6-9lawrenceDec-97Jan-98Feb-98Mar-98
play too fast series - parts 10-14 - biddinglawrenceApr-98May-98Jun-98Jul-98Aug-98
play too fast series - parts 15 and 16lawrenceSep-98Oct-98
practical bidding advice - parts 1-3stewartMar-86Apr-86May-86
preemptive jump raisesblubaughFeb-93
reading the cardsmilesDec-89
reopening X of 1NT response and rebidsfrenchFeb-95
responding to preempts - part 2bergenJan-96
responses to strong 2C - parts 1 and 2milesApr-92May-92
restricted choiceblubaughOct-92
revised cappelletti-hamiltonblubaughDec-96
RKCB - variationsblubaughJul-97Aug-97Sep-97Mar-99Apr-99
rosenkranz X and XXrosenkranzJun-87
rule of 14 for squeeze play - 2 part seriesmacdonaldJan-98Feb-98
rule of 8 - use to decide whether to compete over 1NTcolchamiroOct-00
secrets of good bidding - new format - parts 1-3lawrenceSep-92Oct-92Nov-92
shuffles - how many? or how?freemanJun-02
signals - 1stewartNov-86
slam advicestewartFeb-95Mar-95Apr-95May-95Jul-95
slam biddingstewartMar-88
slam bidding judgment - part 2stewartJul-94
slam tries - wasted values - parts 1-3iwamotoAug-98Sep-98Oct-98
smolen transfersblubaughMay-95
strong 2C bidding structures - parts 1-4walkerJan-95Feb-95Mar-95Apr-95
strong 2C/2D openingzaluskiMay-95Jun-95
strong jump shiftsstewartJul-95
strong jump shiftswalkerJun-93Jul-93
suit establishmentmilesAug-87
suit preferenceoshlagOct-96
support doublesblubaughJul-94
support passbellAug-91
table presence - parts 4 and 5stewartJan-86Feb-86
takeout doubles - 1H X 4H (weak) ? - part 17bergenJul-93
takeout doubles - 1H X XX ?? - part 27bergenMay-94
takeout doubles - 1H X XX ?? - you do not have spades - part 29bergenJul-94
takeout doubles - 1M X 1N P ??? - part 35bergenJan-95
takeout doubles - 1m X 4m (weak) ? - part 15bergenMay-93
takeout doubles - 1M X 4M (weak) ? - part 16bergenJun-93
takeout doubles - 1m X XX ?? - part 23bergenJan-94
takeout doubles - 1m X XX jump bid - part 22bergenDec-93
takeout doubles - 1S X XX ?? - parts 24 and 25bergenFeb-94Mar-94
takeout doubles - 1Y X 2Z P ??? - part 37bergenMar-95
takeout doubles - 1Z X ?? - 3bergenMay-92
takeout doubles - 1Z X 1N ?? - part 18bergenAug-93
takeout doubles - 1Z X 2Z ?? - 10bergenDec-92
takeout doubles - 1Z X 3Z (weak) ? - part 14bergenApr-93
takeout doubles - 1Z X P ?? - 5 and 6bergenJul-92Aug-92
takeout doubles - 1Z X XX?? - 4bergenJun-92
takeout doubles - 3rd hand bids after 1Z X - 7bergenSep-92
takeout doubles - 4th hand bids after a 3rd hand raises after a double - 9bergenNov-92
takeout doubles - after 1Y X 1Z - part 36bergenFeb-95
takeout doubles - after a TO X - 1bergenMar-92
takeout doubles - after the X - part 41bergenJul-95
takeout doubles - after we XX - part 38bergenApr-95
takeout doubles - off-shape X's with big hands - part 39bergenMay-95
takeout doubles - opener rebids suit - part 42bergenSep-95
takeout doubles - overcall or X? - 2bergenApr-92
takeout doubles - responsive doubles - 8bergenOct-92
takeout doubles - signs of life after X - part 40bergenJun-95
taking advantage of artificial bidsmilesJul-87
the fourth trumplawrenceFeb-94
the play's the thing - squeeze or finessejacobyApr-97
the play's the thing - trying all the optionsjacobyMay-97
the real deal - BAMcohenFeb-02
the real deal - club gamecohenAug-01
the real deal - IMP pairscohenFeb-01Mar-01Jul-01
the real deal - IMPscohenJan-01Apr-02Jul-02Aug-02Sep-02
the real deal - IMPscohenNov-02Dec-02
the real deal - KOscohenNov-01Dec-01
the real deal - MPcohenApr-01May-01Jun-01Sep-01Oct-01
the real deal - MPcohenJan-02May-02Jun-02Oct-02
the real deal - MP results from major ACBL championships - parts 1-9cohenFeb-00thruOct-00
the real deal - rubber bridge for $cohenMar-02
the real deal - teams - 10-11cohenNov-00Dec-00
tips for the defense - signals and discardsrosenkranzApr-93
tips for tops - bidding 6-4 handsrosenkranzAug-89
tips for tops - discarding on long suitrosenkranzOct-88
tips for tops - doubles of splintersrosenkranzNov-88
tips for tops - draw inferences on defenserosenkranzApr-88
tips for tops - finding the QueenrosenkranzFeb-88Jan-89
tips for tops - inducing a signalrosenkranzJun-88
tips for tops - killing long suit in dummyrosenkranzDec-88
tips for tops - lead the 4th suitrosenkranzJul-89
tips for tops - Mexican 2D - parts 1 and 2rosenkranzMar-98Apr-98
tips for tops - Mexican 2D - transfer bids - parts 1-5rosenkranzNov-98Dec-98Jan-99Feb-99Mar-99
tips for tops - mortons forkrosenkranzAug-88
tips for tops - moysian fit - parts 1-2rosenkranzJan-97Feb-97
tips for tops - moysian fit - parts 3-6rosenkranzJul-97Aug-97Sep-97Oct-97
tips for tops - new partnershiprosenkranzMar-87
tips for tops - reverse rosenkranz X and XXrosenkranzNov-95
tips for tops - romex stayman - parts 1-3rosenkranzMay-98Jun-98Jul-98
tips for tops - signalsrosenkranzMar-88
tips for tops - support XrosenkranzMay-87
tips for tops - the maxi raiserosenkranzJun-96
tips for tops - the spiral scanrosenkranzApr-96
tips for tops - unusual suit-preference signalsrosenkranzDec-89
tips for tops - what is declarer up to?rosenkranzMay-88
transfers - handling two-suiterskantarMar-87
transfers - super acceptshardyMar-02
transfers over strong NT; continuationssmithFeb-95
trump managementmilesJun-91Aug-91
two over one - parts 1 and 2milesFeb-94Mar-94
undiscussed doubles and ??smithJul-95
unusual 3NT bidsmilesApr-91
unusual versus unusualleveyDec-91
upside-down signalsmilesApr-87
we open and raise - they balancelawrenceFeb-95
weak two's in majorsrosenkranzOct-91
what does that bid mean?blubaughJan-00
what is partner doing?lawrenceJul-96
what is partner doing? - forcing passlawrenceJun-96
when defenders have interveneddormerAug-96
winning finessesmilesOct-91
winning tactics - picking up trumpsmilesSep-99
winning tactics - arguments against 2/1 - parts 1 and 2milesNov-96Dec-96
winning tactics - bidding an opponent's suit - parts 1-3milesMar-95May-95Jul-95
winning tactics - changing oddsmilesAug-99
winning tactics - cuebids in opponents suits - natural or ?; parts 1-4milesSep-98Oct-98Nov-98Dec-98
winning tactics - defenses to transfer bidsmilesJan-98
winning tactics - eight-card major fits - parts 1 and 2milesApr-97May-97
winning tactics - falscarding partnermilesAug-97
winning tactics - fast arrivalmilesJan-97Sep-02
winning tactics - Flannery - parts 1-3milesJun-98Jul-98Aug-98
winning tactics - hypothetical countmilesJan-95Feb-95
winning tactics - lesson from poker - reopening XmilesMay-96
winning tactics - multi-purpose game/slam trymilesMar-96
winning tactics - no more foster echomilesFeb-99
winning tactics - nothing bidsmilesJul-96
winning tactics - preempting and bidding againmilesSep-96
winning tactics - transfer bidsmilesDec-97
winning tactics - who should win the trick?milesMar-97
X - penalty or takeout?blubaughJul-93
X or NT for takeout?smithJul-95