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In the ACBL zone, the laws changed on 3/31/1987 and 5/27/1997.  Articles prior to May 2000 (Brissman, LeBendig, and others) typically refer to a specific appeal.  Starting with May 2000, Ron Gerard has a series that goes into more depth. By the way, learning about these rulings can definitely help a club director, even if the ruling was from a tournament.

articles related to appeals; sometimes with references to laws
Situation or LawIssue or Issues
16A - acting on hearing alert by partnerJun-97
16A - breaks in tempoJun-93
16A - logical alternative or not?May-95
16A - slow pass or XMay-92
2nd hands thinks she is the dealer and puts stop card out; but dealer has already called 2D (conventional and alerted)Jan-99
4C (preempt; but alerted as Namyats) P 4H P P X P P 5CJun-99
acting on unexpected alert; but not explained to opponentsOct-98
agreements that vary by vulnerabilityAug-92
alert when no agreement existsOct-98
appeals - a new view - change of play of card from dummy when card called not in dummyAug-02
appeals - a new view - claimsFeb-02Mar-02
appeals - a new view - claims misconceptionsMay-02
appeals - a new view - misinformationJan-02
appeals - a new view - missing trumpApr-02
appeals - a new view - parts 1-7- by gerard; emphasis on self-servingMay-00thruNov-00
appeals - a new view - played cardJun-02Sep-02
appeals - a new view - Q of trump - asking about itOct-02
appeals - a new view - small talk at the tableDec-02
appeals - a new view - unplayed cardJul-02
appeals - a new view - whom do you trust?Nov-02
appeals: a new view: all those extra valuesJan-01
appeals: a new view: errors by expertsJul-01Aug-01
appeals: a new view: hesitation blackwoodMay-01
appeals: a new view: misinformationOct-01Nov-01Dec-01
appeals: a new view: non-offending pair blow it somehowJun-01
appeals: a new view: playing bridge after infractionSep-01
appeals: a new view: recounts by responderFeb-01Mar-01
appeals: a new view: responses to 5NTApr-01
break in tempo - slow X in undiscussed auctionMay-99
breaks in tempoNov-93
claims - intent of wordingAug-99
committee decisions - Law 73Sep-92
declarer plays quickly at trick 1; 3rd hand plays slowlyDec-96
defender discloses agreement prematurelyFeb-99
defense to multi - partner did not refer to defenses suggested by opponentsNov-95
disclosure of failure to alertNov-99
failure to alert good-bad 2NTNov-99
failure to alert support XDec-97
full disclosureFeb-93
hesitation - no information transmitted?Dec-98
hesitation - risky XDec-99
hesitation blackwood - gerardDec-00
how to handle UI from partnerApr-93
incomplete explanation or agreementAug-95
link between damage and misinformationNov-92
logical alternativeMar-96Jul-93
logical alternative - after partner calls 3NTOct-95
logical alternative - 16AJan-96
logical alternative - hesitationMay-95
logical alternative - new procedureDec-92
logical alternatives - break in tempoMar-96
misinformation - adjustment automatic?Mar-94
misinformation - when did damage occur?Oct-96
misinformation and UIJul-96
misinformation not disclosedOct-96
obligations to alertJan-93
P 1H 2D P P 2H(hesitation) P 2S (is 2S allowed?)Oct-99
rebid of 9-card suit disallowedSep-99
screen testJul-92
skip bid didn't skipJan-94
UI - 16A - cannot hear mistaken alertApr-93
UI - 16A - screen testFeb-94
UI - agreements not known?Aug-96
UI - break in tempoNov-98
UI - break in tempo - but nothing suggestedAug-98
UI - failure to alertFeb-96
UI - failure to alert and break in tempoSep-98
UI - logical alternative - score adjustmentJul-94
UI - reference to recommended defense to midchartNov-95
UI - reverse alerted as a splinterApr-95
UI - slow call - logical alternativeFeb-00
UI - slow call - nonforcing bid made with invitational valuesMar-99
what was final contract?Mar-00
when the impossible occursOct-89