Partial Topical Index to Bridge Bulletin
Article Series
Instructional materials; theme of 5+ articles by an expert
themeauthorissue or issues
2/1; two over one - 15 part serieslawrence2000-Novthru2002-Jan
answers to questions from new players miller1993-Augto2002-Dec
answers to your questionskokish1989-Marchtonow
answers to your questions - intermediatemiller1996-Junetonow
at the table - decisions in bidding and play for actual dealsstewart1992-Febto1992-Dec
basic play - squeezes - parts 1-5miles1988-Augthru1988-Dec
basic technique seriesmiles1986-Jan or earlier?thru1989-Julyor later?
becoming an expert - 7 part sub-seriesstewart2000-Junethru2000-Dec
bidding disaster? discussionsewen1986-Feb or earlier?thru1986-Augor later?
bidding discipline - parts 1-5stewart1991-Marchthru1991-July
bidding over preempts - parts ?-?lawrence1991-Janthru1991-June
bidding to playstewart1998-Janthru2000-Dec
bidding to play - my bridge and yours - 19 partsstewart2001-Janthru2002-July
bidding to play - problemsstewart1996-Febthru1996-DecexceptSep-96
bidding to play - problemsstewart1997-Febthru1997-DecexceptMay-97
bidding to play seriesstewart1995-Septtonownot in all issues
competitive bidding - parts 35-45bergen1995-all monthsexceptAug-95
competitive bidding seriesbergen1993-April or earlierthru1996-Octor later?
conventionsbergen1986-Jan or earlierthru1986-Dec
conventions - after partner opens 1NT - parts 1-14bergen1987-Julythru1988-SepexceptSep-87
conventions - completing the pattern - parts 1-5bergen1987-Febthru1987-June
conventions - special uses for NT bids; 2.5 year seriesbergensometime in 1984thru1987-Jan
decide whether defender made an error - subseriesstewart1998-Octthru1999-Sept
discarding seriesbloom1986-Augthru1987-Jan
DONT - parts 1-5lawrenceJun-95Sep-95Oct-95Nov-95Dec-95
DONT - parts 6-7lawrenceFeb-96Mar-96
doubles - 11 part serieslawrence1999-Decthru2000-Oct
doubles - 8 part serieskantar1985-Dec?thru1986-July
four card majors vs five card majorsfrench1996-Octthru1997-Feb
four card majors vs five card majors - parts 1-9stewart1993-Marchthru1993-Decexcept???
four card majors vs five card majors - parts 10-13stewart1994-Febthru1994-May
improve your defensestewart1987-Aprilthru1988-Feb
max's maxims - magic of shortness - parts 1-6hardy2002-Julythru2002-Dec
max's maxims - transfer bids - parts 1-12hardy2001-Julythru2002-June
mikes advice - various topicslawrence1999-Janthru1999-Dec
negative doubles - _parts 1-6bergen1989-Junethru1989-DecexceptSep-89
negative doubles - _parts 7-18bergen1990-all months
negative doubles - parts 19-29bergen1991-all monthsexcept1991-May
negative doubles - parts 30-31bergenJan-92Feb-92series ends
notrump serieskleinman1999-Marchthru2002-Aug
odds and endsrosenkranz1991-Feb or earlier?thru1993-Decor later?not in all issues
overcallslawrence1988-Novthru1989-Decor later?
partnership bridgegranovetters1986-Octtonow
play too fast series - parts 1-4lawrenceApr-97May-97Jul-97Sep-97
play too fast series - parts 5-16lawrence1997-Novthru1998-Oct
precision bidding - 11 part seriesbrown1999-Julythru2000-May
preemptive strategy - parts 1-5stewart1991-Septthru1992-Jan
psychology of bridge - parts 1-11glazierDec-99thruNov-00duplicateMar-00
psychology of bridge - parts 12-14glazierJan-01Feb-01Mar-01
responding to 1NT - parts 1-14bergen1987-Julythru1988-Sep
secrets of good bidding - parts ?-?lawrence1991-Janthru1991-June
secrets of good bidding - parts 1-14lawrence1988-Novthru1989-Dec
takeout doubles - parts 1-10bergen1992-Marchthru1992-Dec
takeout doubles - parts 11-22bergen1993-all months
takeout doubles - parts 23-34bergen1994-all months
takeout doubles - parts 35-42bergen1995-Janthru1995-JulyplusSep-95
test your play; 42+ years runningkantar1964-Marchtonow
the real dealcohen2000-Jantonow
tips for topsrosenkranz1986-Jan or earlierthru1989-Decor later?not in all issues
what is partner doing?lawrence1993-Marchthru1993-DecexceptAug-93