Partial Topical Index to Bridge Bulletin
Alerts and Convention Charts

Definitely for tournament players, but could help others.   Most prepared by ACBL managers or staff, but some outside sources (whose opinions might not necessarily agree with ACBL position).  Many of the articles no longer apply under current rules (pronouncements?, whatever?), but are interesting if you are interested in the evolution of bridge in ACBL land. Be sure to check the date of the article if you want something that applies now.  In the ACBL zone, the laws changed on 3/31/1987 and 5/27/1997.

Stuff about alerts, convention charts, hesitations, and whatever
themeauthorissue or issues
1987 laws; emphasis on changescohen and francisJan-87thruMay-87
1997 laws changes - parts 1-3acbl - blaissMar-97Apr-97May-97
acbl standard - yellow cardacblAug-88
alert procedureacblJun-96
alert procedure (announcements and disclosure)acbl - blaissMar-02
alert procedure changes - thoughtsacbl - blaissJul-96
alertsacbl - blaissOct-97
alerts - parts 1-5acbl - patriasApr-93May-93Jun-93Jul-93Aug-93
alerts changesacblJun-97
alerts series - primarily for tournament playersacbl - blaissMar-98Apr-98May-98Jun-98Jul-98
alerts series - primarily for tournament playersacbl - blaissNov-98Dec-98
alerts: changes in alert procedureacblMay-96
alerts: proposed alert chartacblNov-95Feb-96
alerts; announcements; and full disclosure - parts 1 and 2acbl - blaissFeb-02Mar-02
appeals - a new view - parts 1-20gerardMay-00thruDec-01
appeals: vancouver - case 5acbl - manleyJun-99Jul-99
appeals: vancouver - case 5 - a different viewrigalDec-99
at the table - a survival manual - parts 1-10colkerFeb-02thruDec-02exceptApr-02
bulletin standardacblSep-96Jan-00
claims - parts 1 and 2colkerAug-01Sep-01
convention card rules and procedureskleinmanJul-01
convention card: classic cardacblNov-96
convention card; new guidelinesacblJun-97
convention chart - limitedacblOct-88
convention chart changes for 2000acblJan-00
convention charts as of Jan 1995acblJan-95
convention charts explained - parts 1-6acbl - blaissMay-95thruOct-95
general convention chartacblFeb-96Jun-96
general convention chart - parts 1-3harrisMay-92Jun-92Jul-92
hesitation: if it hesitates; shoot it! - parts 1 -3colkerNov-99Dec-99Jan-00
hesitation: user guide to huddlesweinstein and colkerOct-99
hesitations - another viewhugenbergJan-00
Las Vegas appeals controversy - parts 1 and 2acbl - manleyFeb-02Mar-02
laws and order - reasoning behind appealsrigalDec-01Jan-02
making the appeals process betteracbl - holtsberryJun-02
midchart methodsacbl - blaissJun-02
opening NT with a singletonacbl - blaissNov-99
proposed changes to alert procedureacblSep-01
psychic bids: dealing with psychic bidsacblMar-95
revokesacbl - blaissJan-01
skip bidsacbl - blaissFeb-96
using ACBL staff to resolve problemsacbl - blaissNov-01
using bid boxesacbl - blaissMar-01