District 13 - ACBL
Wacky Stories from Bridge Games in District 13

How long can you go without noticing?

Subject: Playing a hand from wrong board
Board: Forgotten
Dealer: Forgotten
Vul: Forgotten
Event: Omitted to protect the GUILTY!

The Auction: I have no idea, but I think that West was declarer. If not, then ...

The play:

Did you notice that something is wrong? South had pulled a hand from the wrong board. The correct hand for South is
S974 HKJ98  DQ742 CQ5. Apparently South failed to notice the duplicate 5 of spades. If someone other than West was the declarer, then who knows what was going on....

In any event, the problem was discovered at Trick 12 (yes, TWELVE, the next to last trick!), when both North and South played the King of Clubs. I have no idea of the play in the red suits, and do not know whether both West and South had the Ace of Diamonds at the end, and do not know whether there was any other easy chance to discover the problem (but, SOMEONE should have wondered what happened to the high hearts)

So, is this a record for a real club game? (I am NOT making this up!)

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